Pepo La Tumaini is the result of an international collaboration that brings together friends from all over the world. The different perspectives and ideas are what contribute to the program’s success and encourage us to innovate while remaining true to our mission of providing education and healthcare to vulnerable women and children affected by HIV. These are a few of the individuals who have made the most impact on us and continue to inspire our growth and development. On behalf of all of us at Tumaini, we would like to thank you all for your generosity and on-going support.
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Christiane Amanpour, the highly respected CNN journalist, first visited Pepo La Tumaini in 2006 as part of her award winning documentary “Where have all the parents gone.” She is personally sponsoring one of the students she met through higher education and has helped raise significant donations as well as contributing from her own foundation. Christiane is an honorary member of the Swiss Charity board. In May 2013 she very generously opened her New York home to us all for a small event for our newly formed foundation in the US. Khadija Rama, the founder and program director of Tumaini in Kenya was the guest of honor and was accompanied by Executive Director Sarah Kantharia. The evening was a resounding success, giving Tumaini the opportunity to meet new friends and raising over $25.000. It meant so much to each and everyone one of us and we’ll never forget our first Tumaini event in the US.


Luis Mestre is a Managing Director at Banque Heritage in Geneva since eleven years and has been a funding supporter since initiation of the school. He has held a number of senior positions throughout his career in Private Banking namely, with Credit Suisse, Banque Sarasin, Morgan Grenfell and Coutts & Co. Luis has lived in Geneva, Miami, Munich and New York, he is married and has two children who are currently attending college.

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Mama Esha or Hoyo as she is known at the programme is one of the longest living grandmothers who helped her daughter Khadija to start Pepo La Tumaini back in 1994. She is a pillar of strength in the community and a source of immense inspiration to those both young and old. With her old age comes great wisdom as well as a lot of sugar in her tea.


Burgs is one of Europe’s most experienced and accomplished meditation teachers. He ran his first retreat in 1996 and since then has hosted over 100 retreats from 5 days to 5 months and taught thousands of people from all walks of life, the ‘Art of Meditation’. His students have ranged from total beginners to distinguished monks and nuns, from the homeless of Asia to some of Europe’s most successful and influential business folk. Burgs has been a long standing supporter and friend of Pepo La Tumaini since 2010; inspired by the children and moved by the women’s dedication to the work of service. He is an incredible teacher in healing and provides great motivation to us all.

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"I believe the main aim of working with the youth is to teach creativity with a back to basics approach to art by creating dialogue & encouraging young people to use their imagination.”
Boyd Hill


Boyd Hill, a London street based and community artist working mainly with graffiti and found objects sees himself as a teacher to the youth who has a responsibility to lead by example. A self taught artist he is able to relate to the hardships of vulnerable and at risk youth, working closely with them to provide alternative options that nurture creativity and the production of good quality work.
Boyd was an artist in residency at Pepo La Tumaini in 2014 and participated in the SBK Collaborative He made a huge impact while at Tumaini transforming the open spaces with his artwork and teaching the children how to value and beautify their environment by using art. His passion for the students at Tumaini Senior School has motivated him to continue promoting the program through his community work with youth in South London.

"Due to my self exile, I haven't been back home for over a decade & being involved with a Kenyan project is like going back home & sharing my knowledge. It is an opportunity to assist & collaborate with Kenyan creative minds & the students in the school who mean a lot to me having been involved with them from a distance. I commend Khadija & Sarah for continuing the challenging work they are doing at Tumaini in these hard times."  
Pax Nindi


Pax Nindi is a master musician of African Roots Reggae and a renowned Global carnival expert. He is the Vice President of the World Carnival Commission (Canada) & CEO and founder of the Global Carnival Centre. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and an international carnival consultant.

He is a strong supporter and friend to the Tumaini kids and was so inspired and touched by the children’s musical talent and energetic performances that he requested our children to make the same set of Freedom Flag Costumes to be made for his band to wear on their brazilian tour in 2011. Since then he has visited the program and helped to facilitate the SBK Collaborative in 2014. We continue to partner together promoting our creative work with carnival and musical performances.

Watch our video, Pax Nindi - Festival Pré Reggae

A huge thank you for All the support given by OUR donors, friends, volunteers, supporters & to our worldwide donors whose contributions continue to make such a vital difference.


Listed alphabetically

Angels with a Mission

Angels with a Mission

Anonymous Charitable<br> Swiss Foundation

Anonymous Charitable
Swiss Foundation



NDL Foundation

NDL Foundation

Go Up <br>Web Design

Go Up
Web Design

The British High<br> Commission Nairobi

The British High
Commission Nairobi

The Connecticut Copperthite Pie <br> Baking Company of Georgetown

The Connecticut Copperthite Pie
Baking Company of Georgetown

National Amanah<br> Bank, Kenya

National Amanah
Bank, Kenya

Old Mutual PLC

Old Mutual PLC

To our additional
friends, volunteers & supporters:

Bruce Addison
Hanny Ahern
Kieran Alger
Philip Blackwell
Ellie Burt
Cathy Carroll
Mike Copperthite
William & Emma Craig
Frank & Sylviane Destribats
Louise & Gerard Dolan
Mary Ann Dryer
Emily Dryer
Belen Ferrier
Michael Foster
Gerard & Els Govaerts
Fred & Karren Green
Eric & Cristina Heuze
Charlotte Jafurally
Edward James
Mosh Halperin
Hermanus Kruger
David & Lisa Lubbock
Sofia & Claude Marion
Piers & Rox Marmion
Alison Neumann
Claire Newman
Jane Newman
Abbey Odunlami
Jan Parry
Andrew & Suzette Peake
Maria Piperides
Nadia Ramsahoye
Andre Retief
Andrew Riley
Sue Roberts
Naomi Roper
David Sharples
Nathan Skeels
Dorothy Speed
Edward Speed
Kate Spencer
Mark & Susan Van Der Griend
Lola Velasco
Carolyn Wheeler
Wilderness Trails
Sirikoi Lodge

Current Partnerships include

Tara House Nursery,<br />
Monetessori, London

Tara House Nursery,
Monetessori, London

Education Is Power,<br />

Education Is Power,

Ministry of Health,<br />

Ministry of Health,

Isiolo County<br />

Isiolo County

Ministry of Education,<br />

Ministry of Education,

Kemsa, Kenya

Kemsa, Kenya

PSI Kenya

PSI Kenya

International<br />
Medical Corps

Medical Corps

TJ Meyer<br />
Family Foundation

TJ Meyer
Family Foundation

Knowledge<br />
Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Mama Ibado<br />

Mama Ibado

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