Our Mission: Providing education and healthcare to vulnerable women and children affected by HIV.

We have a Vision of a community where all people are empowered to lead healthy and dignified lives with reduced vulnerability to HIV.

In 1994, in Isiolo, Kenya, a group of local women founded Pepo La Tumaini (‘Wind of Hope’ in Swahili) to make this vision a reality. We have come a long way since they built the first mud huts and gathered around the fire to support each other. We have grown in size, services and members – but our mission remains the same.


  • Respect for all human life.
  • Easy access to healthcare for the local, rural community.
  • A holistic education system which incorporates psycho-social care, vocational training and lessons in practical life skills, in addition to academic learning for children affected by HIV and poverty.
  • Building self-confidence and community spirit through the arts.
  • Reducing dependency on external resources and encouraging a self-sustaining local community.
  • Positive living and a life free from stigma for those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Promoting understanding and awareness of HIV/AIDS to decrease transmission and discrimination.
  • Building leadership within the poorest, most marginalised young people, to become change-makers and governors of their own future.

Our Story

In 1994, Isiolo was a desolate, outback town, experiencing some of its most violent tribal clashes. In response to the spread of HIV, a group of women came together to spread messages of hope for those who were abandoned and banished from society. Among them was Pepo La Tumaini founder, Khadija Omar. Initially, Khadija and the women supported people with AIDS during the final stages of their illness so they could die with peace and dignity. As the ostracised community grew, the nutritional and emotional needs of the ailing became greater – Khadija led marches and protests through town, with the sick in wheelbarrows, demanding soap and blankets from the nearest government hospital. In 1996, the 'forgotten' community built their first group structure – the mud hut clinic to serve those in need of intensive care. In 1998 the project formally registered as a community based organisation in Kenya and began collaborating with other aid and government bodies to address the needs of the population and stall the transmission of HIV. Over the years, more buildings and permanent community structures arose, all built by those that live here, to meet the many social and economic problems stemming from the HIV pandemic.

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In 2000, our nursery was erected to provide education for the young orphans (now an accredited Early Child Development centre). Nutritional support became possible through a small garden farm and partnerships with the likes of UNICEF and WFP, and a home-based care team organised themselves to provide outreach to those in need beyond the Pepo La Tumaini grounds. In 2007 the Senior School was founded to provide primary level education to children who had missed out on primary school. The Senior School is critical to our holistic model of care. It gives our children the chance to be children, and the opportunity to determine their own future. Under the umbrella of the Senior School, we provide vocational training and art therapy, alongside emotional support and love; novel and as well as important life skills for children who have suffered serious trauma and discrimination.

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The clinic grew from humble beginnings to a professional healthcare centre, promoting the importance of stigma-free, confidential care at the regional district level. In 2014 the clinic became self-sustaining; our high quality of care attracts patients who can afford to pay, which in turn subsidises those that can't – meaning the clinic can continue to serve the poorest of the poor without external donations.

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We remain a local effort, passionate about change and empowerment, with self-sustainability as our ultimate goal. Our community is now responsible for conflict transformation as far north as the Somalian border, and policy-changing advocacy at the UN, while remaining a centre of hope and preparedness in the heart of Isiolo – with our members at the core of everything we do. Thanks to our community, our founders, visionary leader (and the hundreds of children named 'Khadija' in her honour!), friends around the globe, and most importantly our children – we have become a true story of hope.

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Where We Are

Although Kenya's bustling capital and beautiful safari lodges attract tourists from all over the world, the country is still home to a large number of people living in poverty and surviving hand-to-mouth. 43% of the population survive on under $1 a day. Isiolo is an arid, transit town in North Eastern Kenya, one of the most under-served regions in the country. With a population of around 200,000 people, the main mode of living is nomadic due to infrequent rains. Drought in the rural areas causes people to move their livestock many kilometers in order to find water and grazing. Today, the nomadic tribes who have lived in Isiolo the longest, face violent displacement from wealthy landowners and still fight each other for land and resources. Pastoralists are struggling to sustain themselves.

Isiolo is an urban centre on the edge of the desert facing rapid development due to it's strategic position. The great north road passes through Isiolo up to Marsabit and Moyale on the border with Ethiopia. When nomadic people reach Isiolo from the desert, hungry and vulnerable, they find no public support, but a strong market demand for commercial sex work, driven by the travellers passing through. Many of our school children have been forced into such work before coming to Pepo La Tumaini. 51% of the population of Isiolo have no access to education, which significantly slows progress to eliminate female circumcision, under-age marriage, rape and child labour.


Pepo La Tumaini is a registered charity in Kenya, UK and the US, with a certified funding arm in Switzerland.

Administration costs are kept to the absolute minimum with virtually all the money raised by the foundation going directly to the programme. The registered organisations are:


16 Connaught Place
W2 2ED



In Switzerland please contact us
for payments by cheque or
for our bank details at



PO Box 1628
New York
NY 10163


The programme is governed on the ground by two local steering committees, which meet quarterly to manage the progress of the health and education projects. The steering committees take responsibility for the approval of budgetary strategy, scope, realisation of benefits, and the monitoring of risks, quality and timeliness. Local leaders in health and education are involved in overseeing project delivery and safeguarding the values of Pepo La Tumaini.


Sarah Kruger -Executive Director

Sarah first volunteered at Pepo La Tumaini in 2009 and stayed on to work in a number of creative and administrative roles. As well as co-ordinating project activities, Sarah is the primary liason between the charity and the programme. She is instrumental in both fundraising, managing funds and providing transparent accountability to our stakeholders and donors.

Kenyan Board

Khadija Omar - Image

Khadija Omar - Director

Khadija Omar started the programme as a women’s self help group in 1994 as part of a community owned response to the growing challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in Isiolo. She has since received commendations from the UN and the President of Kenya for her contribution to the national response to HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

Farhiya Abdallah - Image

Farhiya Abdallah - Secretary

Farhiya grew up at Pepo La Tumaini as a youth leaderand helps to manage the ECDE nursery. She works as the assistant chief of central sub location in Isiolo responsible for community security, administration and sensitisation.

Yusuf Doyo -  Image

Yusuf Doyo - Treasurer

Yusuf has worked with Pepo La Tumaini since 1998 as an accountant providing transparency and accountability of the income and expenditure of funds. Yusuf is a member of the Ministry of Public Works in Isiolo.

Hassan Mulla –  Image

Hassan Mulla – Board Member

Hassan has been a continuous supporter and advisor to Pepo La Tumaini contributing towards its ongoing development and security. Hassan is an accountant for BCD travel in Nairobi.

UK Board

Stephen Oxley Image

Stephen Oxley Chairperson

Stephen joined the trustees in 2017. He is a Vice Chairman of an investment management firm and has previously worked as an investment consultant. He had an earlier career as a professional actor including performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at the Royal Court Theatre in London and appearing in several British TV shows. He is also a trustee for St Andrews Club which is the world's oldest youth club located in Westminster, London.

Jackie Stuart Image

Jackie Stuart Treasurer

Jackie qualified as a Chartered accountant over 30 years ago and spent most of her working life in the Education and training sector. She now runs her own accountancy business. Outside of her professional career, she has devoted significant amounts of time acting as treasurer for charities and associations.

Maria Teresa Heuze - Image

Maria Teresa Heuze - Board Member

Maria has been a supporter of Pepo La Tumaini since her first visit in 2005. For over 10 years Maria was Chairperson for Pepo La Tumaini UK and remains the Chairperson of the Tumaini Charitable Association in Switzerland.

Catriona Spiller –  Image

Catriona Spiller – Board Member

Catriona first volunteered at Pepo La Tumaini in 2006 inspiring her to further her studies in health and development. Catriona works as a health analyst for TJ Meyer Family Foundation and has helped to spearhead the Mama Tumaini Clinic towards self-sustainability and national recognition.

Angela Whittle Image

Angela Whittle Board Member and Secretary

Angela joined as Secretary in Nov 2018 and became a Trustee in Nov 2019 during her first visit to Isiolo. Angela has 30 years experience as an executive assistant and has worked at a leading global executive search firm since 2006.

USA Board

Jean Pierre Feghali -

Jean Pierre Feghali - President

JP is a real estate investor and lawyer based in New York City. His wife first visited Pepo La Tumaini as a young girl in 2005 and has remained connected to Pepo ever since. In 2018 JP and his wife visited Pepo together and were impressed by the growth and progress the organization has made over the past decade. JP now sits on the US Board, where he focuses on raising funds and awareness for Pepo.

Alexia Feghali -

Alexia Feghali - Treasurer and Secretary

Alexia first visited Pepo La Tumaini at the age of 18 with her aunt Maria Teresa. She was deeply moved by the stories of the children she met and the courage with which Pepo's leaders were trying to effect change in the community. Her memories of Pepo remained vivid over the years and motivated her to help grow Pepo's presence and awareness in the US. Alexia is a private wealth manager based in New York City and she sits on the US Board leading efforts to educate people on Pepo's mission and social impact.

Alison Neumann

Alison Neumann

Having a background in Public Health, Alison immediately recognized what a special place Pepo la Tumaini is when she first visited there with her husband and 3 sons in 2011. Over the years, she has hosted several art show fundraisers in her home state of Alabama featuring the art and testimonials of Pepo students in the Art 4 Life programme. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the mission of Pepo la Tumaini as well as promoting student involvement in fundraising for their school. Alison is determined to expand the growing global community who cares about these children and their futures.

Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer

Kate has been exploring Africa for nearly a decade. She initially came to Kenya and managed a safari lodge on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Now she runs her own company designing custom safaris and leading "Young Conservationists” as a way of supporting wildlife and conservation programmes throughout Africa. While working in the lodge on Lewa, Kate would bring guests to visit the pupils at Tumaini Senior School, helping them to understand the need and importance of community driven initiatives in providing sustainability. Over the years, Kate has developed a deep connection to Pepo and is involved in setting up fundraising activities that showcase Pepo students' artwork in the USA. Kate hopes to continue to make invaluable connections between Pepo and travellers from around the world.



Lisa Lubbock - Committee Chair

Lisa has been a supporter of Pepo la Tumaini for several years. As chairman of the fundraising committee she is responsible for various events to raise funds for the school. Lisa's background is that of a makeup artist with the BBC and more recently an Interior designer.

Roxane Marmion

Roxane first visited Pepo La Tumaini in 2008 and has been a supporter ever since. Having worked for Tommy's Campaign in 1995 and later as one of the founders and Trustees of Chase Children’s Hospice, she has experience in fundraising particularly for charities supporting children.

16 Connaught Place, London, W2 2ED. Pepo La Tumaini is a company limited
by guarantee in England (No. 9515118) and a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1161928).
Registered office: Greytown House, 221-227 High Street, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0NZ

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