Our clinic is one of the top medical facilities in Isiolo and treats over 400 patients a month. Patients walk for miles – sometimes days – to seek treatment which is dignified, impartial and affordable. The clinic offers a holistic range of services including maternal & child health, family planning and a specialised HIV centre. Most commonly, we treat malaria, tuberculosis, other respiratory infections and diarrhoeal disease, assisted by our laboratory testing, all of which takes place on-site. We have a small maternity unit, where our first baby, Sarah, was born in 2013.

We have a unique, sustainable model where patients who can afford to pay contribute a minimal amount. This, in turn, subsidies those who cannot. We will never turn down a person seeking decent healthcare, no matter what their situation or need.


The Government of Kenya has recognised our outstanding contribution to HIV care. We partner with the public sector to share best practices and co-fund projects.

Our nutrition programme works in the community, educating mothers around diet-related health. We have our own kitchen garden where we grow a range of vegetables, maize and beans to feed our school children and those on antiretroviral therapy in need of sustenance in the wider community. We teach our children and mothers how to grow such life-saving crops at home and assist them with seeds and clean water access in their community.


Love and social care is at the heart of everything we do and all our programmes.

A team of mother-carer volunteers help us re-home abandoned children and foster orphans in the local area. These women are essential to the Pepo La Tumaini community and, like all our staff and members, prioritise human dignity when serving the poor.


Case Study


"I first came to Tumaini in 1994 after I lost my parents when I was 5 years old. The programme was just starting then with Mama Khadija and a group of women. I remember the women and children struggling to build small mud huts while I was being taught in the first ECD nursery, which was built out of wood and grass. We used to have to fetch water from the river, as we did not have any other water source. With the first amount of money fundraised we built the first office building, which we used for food distribution and health care."

Farhiya was a miracle child, who survived against incredible odds, extremely malnourished and weak as a baby, she was written off as a lost cause. After both her parents died Khadija took Farhiya in as her daughter and raised her at Pepo La Tumaini with all the other children who had been abandoned. Farhiya grew up supported by the Tumaini community, joining in their efforts to build Pepo La Tumaini into the sanctuary it is today.

Farhiya was sponsored through both her primary and secondary school and was given the chance to participate as a youth coordinator in a Danish Youth Exchange program, spending 3 months in Denmark. Over the years she enhanced her knowledge in community development and took every chance to join in awareness campaigns against HIV and for the rights of women and children.

For two years she worked in Tumaini as the program assistant in charge of managing the school library and food stores. She helped in writing and compiling reports on all major projects and achievements. She played a significant role in community mobilisation and awareness campaigns, sensitising the youth around health and education.

Due to her experience gained at Pepo La Tumaini and her popularity in the community Farhiya was appointed the Assistant Chief of Central Region, Isiolo County in 2014. At 23, Fariyah is the youngest ever Chief in the region and has many responsibilities in her new role including governance, crime reduction and community liaison. Farhiya is an excellent representative of Tumaini – she wears her uniform with pride and we are all very proud of her.

16 Connaught Place, London, W2 2ED. Pepo La Tumaini is a company limited
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Registered office: Greytown House, 221-227 High Street, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0NZ

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