Sarah Kruger is an Executive Director at Pepo La Tumaini. She is also the East African Correspondent for Global Carnival Centre and develops the use of arts as a tool for conflict transformation and peace building. Sarah holds a Masters degree in Expressive Arts, which sets her apart as an expert in the field of community building, an area in which she plays an active role helping to promote and secure peace in Isiolo.

Sarah started the Art 4 Life project in 2009 as a form of rehabilitation and expression for the women and children who had been outcast from their communities because of their HIV status or their support of others with the virus. Some had been tortured - emotionally, physically and sexually - leaving extreme scars and trauma. Sarah facilitates Expressive Arts workshops for program staff and school pupils to enhance their performance and benefit their personal development. Psycho social work combined with Art 4 Life plays an integral part of programming as a unique therapeutic art based approach that uplifts and encourages people to move forward.

Tumaini Senior School pupils are children under special care and protection in need of patience and tolerance during the challenging time of adolescence. Some special cases will have had no previous schooling before joining class 6 when they are 11 years old, some will have to take strong medication and others will find it hard to concentrate in class. Tumaini Senior School staff and teachers are asked to consider all these special needs and be able to address each individual need according to what is best for the child.

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The major challenges we face in providing a child-centered and holistic approach to education is that teachers are not equipped to take on such a high level of responsibility. Teachers that arrive here require additional training to be able to fulfill the role of teacher- carer in our school. Expressive Arts is used as a method during teacher training and student counseling workshops to build confidence, improve communication and inspire creative thinking. It helps to reinforce the important role creativity has to play in stimulating new possibilities for learning and welcome opportunities in which we can further explore new experiential approaches to education.

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Special Art 4 Life projects include the SBK Collaborative, which Sarah runs bi-annually as an artist in residency project, inviting international artists to work with the children on art productions. The SBK Collaborative promotes a vision for artists as peacebuilders and offers a unique opportunity for cross-cultural collaboration.

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